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    Welcome to the Connect info page about Mark Reijerman

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  • Projects of Mark

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    Connecting with Wageningen


    To set up Connect Wageningen Mark started by visiting about 150 student associations, youth organisations, international communities, green active groups, PhD countries etc. Here he proved to be able to make strong, positive and lasting first impressions.

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    Expertise on housing issues


    Working together with municipality, housing organsations, the student alliance and student council, Mark was able to reach a deep understanding of the housing situation in Wageningen and knows how to best reach our goals. He is able to ask the critical questions to the responsible wethouder, gain a majority with a motion and even get to the streets in a protest when the need become to high.

  • What does his team say?

    We've got a top notch team!

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    Commissioner Sjaars - Melissa

    'he could be worse'

    I have worked together with Mark on being in contact with the youthcouncil of the municipality. It was ok.

    During the contact he was making jokes about how small they all were and was drinking alcohol while laughing that they were still minors. But yeah at least he took initiative for the meeting, so he could be worse. ~ written by Mark

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    Fraction Chair

    'He is a hero!'

    Well we know each other from the gym and gymbro's and sisses don't diss. So all I can say is that he is a hero!

  • Hope you have a better view of Mark now

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